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Rajwadi Safa House


The desert state of Rajasthan is popular for its unique culture & lifestyle. This distinctive nature of Rajasthan attracts many turists from all over the world. The rajasthani peoples are identified by the style & color of their Rajasthani turans,which change to region to region,caste to caste. Turban come in all shpes, sizes & colous & there are specific turbans for specific occasions as well. The turban of Rajasthan are the most colorful & impressive in whole of the india. The use of turban were basically started by rajput community. Who residence in Rajasthanstate.

It is said that style of the turban changes with every 15 km you travel within geographical boundaries of Rajasthan. In some part of Rajasthan the size of turban indicates the position of the person in the society they live. In fact there are about 1000 different styles & types of turbans in rajasthan,each denoting the class,caste & region of the wearer.

Rajasthan a state of world famous for its traditional touch & and feel that rajasthani gives every festival & event.

About Us

Rajwadi Safa House have wide spread of safa collection with well designed,the selection of our safa will be make a distinction to us & provide a chance to congregate the customers desire. We have fulfilled all the excellence parameters to satisfy the customers requirements. The safa is used to be identification of the profession & cast of the person wearing them in olden days. This tradition is still followed in rural rajasthan.now a days the safas are generally worn in any promissing occasion like marriages.community gathering & their worn styles so get very city to city. Most of the safa styles are known from their city name like jodhpuri safa,bikaneri safa,marwadi safa etc. In Rajasthan on different occasion we use different types of safa & even safa also represent the person position & their cast.


Through an easy onsite shopping or by placing a telephonic order, reducing customer efferts & multiplying choices. We produce variety of rajasthani dresses, rajputi dresses & wedding dresses. In Rajasthan on an every occasion wearing the safa is symbol of dignity, wearing the safa gives the respect & status. We proved all types of rajasthani & rajputi safa for every occasion.